eye muscle anatomy

Strabismus and lazy eye vision

All of the muscles in each eye must be coordinated by the brain for binocular vision to function

Colour vision testing

How is colour vision tested?

Colour is used in schools for teaching purposes so all children should have their colour vision tested.

transitions colours

What are transitions lenses?

They darken and lighten to varying degrees depending on the brand even with temperature and some don’t darken as well inside cars.

Can you get rid of reading glasses ?

Why would you want to? Lightweight tailor made options exist.
The Varilux progressive lens was first introduced by Bernard Maitenaz in 1959,enabling clear distance vision on upgaze versus reading vision and in between on downgaze.

Wiley X climaate change glasses

Wiley X | Protective eyewear

Wiley X are premium military grade protective sunglasses.

Macular Degeneration supplements

Nutritional supplements play a role in slowing the progression of dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) to late stage AMD. MDeyes is Australia’s most affordable AREDS 2 capsule formula at $20.95 (RRP)   It delivers the complete AREDS 2 proven low zinc  formula,including the specific quality ingredients FloraGLO Lutein and OPTISHARP Zeaxanthin,in a convenient once daily capsule.  …

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How does refractive surgery work ?

Corneal inlays,laser resurfacing, lens replacements are some of the refractive surgery options. Presbyopia treatment usually involves glasses or contact lenses.Some people opt for refractive surgery options.It is best to determine pre-refractive surgery if simulations (by experiencing contact lenses or glasses designed for monovision )of various visual trade offs can be tolerated eg monovison where one …

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surgical loupe

Magnification loupes

Magnification loupes can be custom designed and illuminated.

Eyewear to suit your life

Lifestyle eyewear

Lifestyle-specific spectacle and contact lenses and frames allow the best vision for specific tasks and environments. Features and benefits Advances in technology of frame,spectacle and contact lens materials and designs means more benefits and features van be experienced. The ideal tint and coating for the environment Prescription sunglasses to see more clearly and safely glare reducing …

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How do you measure dry eyes?

What is tear osmolarity ? How can it be measured and improved ? A low osmolarity eye drop is best. Eg Blink Intensive tears, Hylo Fresh, Hylo Forte. Data suggests improvements in osmolarity take 2-8 weeks. (hypo-osmolar drops 4-6 times a day) , Pred Sol minims qid  aiming to reduce evaporation by improving the lipid …

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