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Eye drops are sometimes used in standard eye examinations to dilate the pupil as well as used in treatments for vision problems.
We are also optical prescription spectacle  makers so please bring all your spectacles,sunglasses and any eye drops currently being used to your appointment.  

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Your regular eye exam and cost

The marketing of eye examinations and spectacles broadly is too often very simplistic and can be misleading. Your eye care neeeds to be tailored and not directed to a 30 minute or any other timeline.

Suffice to say just as not all lenses are the same,nor are eye examinations in respect of scope and time taken and rebates,nor digital retinal imaging.
The schedule fee for standard examination is $75.75. Any extra fees that could be considered would be be explained and optional.

We will explain fees to your satisfaction which depends on your particular situation whatever your eye problems and eye conditions. 
Sometimes we can bulk-bill the cost of your eye examination but medicare has restrictions on card holders when this can be done and which tests are bulk billed.

Should the scheduled fee be charged you will be entitled to the medicare rebate (which would otherwise be paid to the optometrist )
This claim amount has not changed in decades due to government restrictions (but is being lobbied for ) which have not allowed for the evolution of new technologies which also vary widely and often misrepresented or understood. 
Medicare pays  your optometrist who sees more patients per hour more than if less are seen assuming patients have a valid medicare card.

Some people have an eye disease that requires ongoing management (such as glaucoma or diabetic eye disease). If so, you can be tested and claim a rebate more often, as required for your condition. Some contact lens conditions attract a more generous rebate than others.

We have spectacles in all pricepoints and options,No gap options,even government assisted free spectacles. Book On line for your next appointment.