Migraine headaches are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms and can have specific triggers but can vary in severity and type.

Migraine is a common headache disorder with no conclusive cures, of many types affecting about 15 percent of the population.

A diagnosis of migraine is one of exclusion. especially in recent-onset cases, increasing severity/frequency, neurological symptoms of pins and needles and visual field defects all indicate further workup is indicated eg MRI with a neurologist or neuro-ophthalmologist

Migraine can be triggered by many factors such as food, medication,weather, stress, lack of sleep, skipping meals, dehydration. Triggers need to be kept in a diary, ideally.

Visual symptoms such as blurred vision, visual aura, and photophobia can occur during migraine attacks, but not necessarily always.

Colorimeter research data determines certain specific tints can help migraine sufferers whose migraines are triggered by pattern glare.

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