The sun’s ultraviolet light is harmful to eyes,causing cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium and skin cancers.

Dedicated sunglasses are ideal for driving and to stop surface reflections from water etc as well as having high fashion appeal they are very useful and functional.
Larger or closely-fitting styles, with curved, wraparound lenses provide the best possible coverage.

There are many options and we can select the right lens for any particular activity and situation,including prescription sunglasses with advanced coatings through to the Maui Jim colour-popping range.
Including polarised, sporty and wrap styles,bifocals and progressives all with a love them or exchange them guarantee.

Transitions lenses change automatically with the conditions. Choose from 7 photochromic colours to match your favourite frames and lifestyle. Grey, Brown, Green, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald and Amber.

Maui Pure Lt

Maui Pure LT

The total weight of the frame and lenses is only 10 grams with minimised temple tip pads.The nose pads have better grip and less slip.
See the differenece and feel the difference of MauiPure LT

rudy project protection

Rudy Project

RUDY PROJECT SPORTSGLASSES BEGA Rudy Project designs and engineers world-class sports sunglasses and bicycle helmets to meet the demands of elite athletes and everyday sports enthusiasts, weekend warriors, or casual lifestyle sunglasses. Rudy Project Sunglasses are made in Italy and have been for 35 years as one of the oldest sports sunglass companies in the …

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