Lifestyle-specific spectacle and contact lenses and frames allow the best vision for specific tasks and environments.

Advances in the technology of frame, spectacle and contact lens materials and designs mean more benefits and features can be experienced.

  • The ideal tint and coating for the environment
  • Prescription sunglasses to see more clearly and safely
  • glare-reducing
  • UV protective
  • Safety fire goggles and safety spectacles for projectiles, radiation
  • Polarising
  • Antifogging, anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatments.
  • Catering for digital eyestrain and filtering toxic wavelengths
  • Dedicated pairs or combined as in progressive lenses for the ideal working range, ergonomics, and postural comfort
  • Driving glasses to improve reaction times, road safety and to reduce fatigue
  • Sports specific goggles, safety, and wrap glasses  

The best computer glasses or not

Best computer glasses
As well as looking good they have to function the best for your eyes

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