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Providing you with a total eyecare and eyewear solution to best fit your life.

Shape recognition technology to find the right glasses for you.

glasses for all

Relying on one pair for all your life’s activities will almost always be a compromise when it comes to your vision, eye comfort and eye health. We look forward to designing total eye care and eyewear solution to fit your life. We know lens edging and fitting, polishing and coatings for all eyeglass frames. We have facial measurement technology and a huge online frame matching database to allow for precision lens selection and eyeglass fitting narrow forehead or wide forehead, circular or oval eyeglasses, whatever your facial features.


No accessory updates your style, as does the latest trend in frames. Beyond your eye exam, we consider your prescription to affect the weight and lens thickness profile throughout the frame shape. Frame size is normally marked on the frame for its vertical and horizontal size, but our 3-dimensional frame tracer means we can achieve the best edge profile no matter if circular to the most oval-shaped glasses. Pupillary distance for men and women is one factor in selecting the size needed and frame size, bridge width and temple length.

paul taylor frames

Whatever your so-called heart-shaped, oval, square, longer faces, we know the latest social media and industry frame styles to find the perfect pair cat-eye style or thousands of others for all eye sizes. We can also accessorise face masks. We tailor the frame and lenses for the perfect fit of glasses for your face shape and features.The spectacle frame has to be styled and tailored to fit the individual.

  1. Correct Frame front alignment including:
  2. Correct Pantoscopic angle for the face
  3. Correct Side width
  4. Correct Side bow
  5. Correct Length to bend
  6. Correct Anatomical bend
square shaped face frame

Geometrical, smallish to oversized, even cat-eye glasses of yesteryear, it’s the distinctive details-transparent frames, bold colours that we can advise you on and what is on-trend.Square heads with oval shape specs?  Oval shaped heads and square frames? For the more oval, square, diamond, round, rectangular or heart-shaped, we can show multiple images simultaneously to compare and contrast glasses styles whilst you wear and feel them. We optically cater for your particular shape with the appropriate full rimmed frames, rimless or semi-rimless frame for your angular features such as a wider forehead fitting through to a triangular shape or one widest at the jaw.


Square face shape
Oval  or rounded frame shape 

Oblong, Oval face 
Frames to naturally balance features of the longer oblong faces typically also less wide than oval. 

Heart shape faces
Cat-eye frame shapes or ones with rounded edges.


Diamond face
 Select a rimless or oval frame with gentle curves. 

Round face
Rectangular frames or angular frame with a slight up-sweep. 
Avoid rounded oval glasses.

Rectangle face
Select a frame with strong horizontal features and rounded edges


We have dedicated optical dispensers to find the glasses frames you love!


You can simultaneously compare and contrast frames that are tailored to suit! We are independent to our suppliers. We can recommend and service the highest quality lenses and frames from around the world to suit your lifestyle – From lightest weight to most robust in all price brackets single vision to progressive vision-triangle face or any angle face.

Eyecare to fit your life

We are commonly asked for products and services to reduce fogging from wearing a face-covering or wearing a mask. 

frame selection
frame measuring

We offer a vast range of frames from top international luxury labels and eyewear brands. We can filter online by face shape, frame style, material, colour or price.  We can find the ideal glasses shapes for your face. We provide personal advice, experienced glasses stylists who can accommodate your lifestyle needs. We can show you frames simultaneously and provide correct 3- dimensional measurements for the best optical result and compare weight and comfort in a controlled comparison. 

frame database
lifestyle frames

Work /safety Based on your work environment and the visual tasks you perform, we recommend frame and lens solutions to maximise your vision, eye and neck comfort, UV protection, including fitted prescription safety spectacles and eyewear.

Computer  Spend a few hours or more a day on a computer or device? Computer glasses are designed to give you an optimal close-up and intermediate vision and reduce eye fatigue, neck and shoulder discomfort and blue light emittance.

Outdoor  Prescription sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes, delivering necessary glare and UV protection together with clear vision. Add polarised lenses, and you’ll have the best outdoor vision and eye protection available.

Sports specific eyewear can enhance your performance whilst protecting your eyes against harmful  UV rays and injury. Sports-specific coloured lenses highlight colours, alter light levels, enhance clarity and reduce glare.

Reading  Wear multifocal glasses and enjoy reading and other close work? A specific pair of reading glasses will provide clear, uninterrupted vision for these activities.

Social/Occasion  You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, so why would you wear the same pair of glasses? Consider a conservative style for work, a bolder design for casual wear and something more elegant for formal occasions.

Certified Professional Ergonomists in the health and safety community are alarmed by many people who spend 8+ hours a day in front of a computer wearing general-purpose progressive lenses instead of a specifically prescribed pair for better occupational health and safety. The top of the screen should be no higher than eye level and tilted to be parallel to the user. We can liaise with your health fund to assist with your rebates. We can cater for your specific needs and hobbies.


frame repairs

Some repairs that are possible include
Spring Hinge Replacement, Closing Block / Rimlock Repair, Sink-in Hinge / Concealed Hinge Repair /rivet hinge repairs),Rimless Pin / Rimless Screw Repair /replug rimless frames),Drill Out Screws, Laser Weld Repairs without heat damage, Shell Weld Repair (bridges, eye wires, trims & temples), Adjustable Pad Arms
Re-paint of Frames,Metal Flex Bridge Replacement,Nyline / Semi-Rimless Repairs,Buff & Polish Shell Frame

Paris fashion frame

Find out how eye problems can occur with age and your vision.
Learn all about symptoms and treatments by asking your optometrist about how your eyes work and about lenses that can help.  Please see our privacy policy and site map regarding offers and collections from top eyewear designers such as Tom Ford from the United  States that you can access or unsubscribe at any time.

Sports Eyewear

proguard eyewear

Our Progear Eyeguard sports eyewear are suitable for all impact sports. 
Our Tabata View swimming goggles are available in a wide range of prescription lenses for adults and children.

An adjustable bridge with smooth sliding action enables a quick adjustment for clear vision and a comfortable eye and neck position.

hi-rise frame

A-frames can be adjusted vertically because of a ‘sliding bridge incorporated in its design to avoid the top rim obstructing the view.

  • Computer operators, toolmakers, motor mechanics, painters, etc., can all benefit from the A-frame concept.
  • Snooker or Billiards players, Clay target shooters, lawn bowlers, ten pin bowlers.
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