Maui Pure LT

Maui Pure is the latest breakthrough  thinnest and most lightweight lens material in the Maui Jim sunglass stable. 

Maui Pure has proven crisp optics like thin glass and excellent scratch- and impact-resistant properties and the famous colour vibrancy that results from the use of three rare earth elements causing blues to be bluer, greens to be greener, and reds redder in a colour popping view that has to be seen through to be fully appreciated.

The rimless style features beta-titanium temples and adjustable Rabalon nose bridges for ultra-lightweight comfort.

Neutral Grey offers the highest level of light reduction for bright, sunny days; HCL Bronze enhances contrast in variable conditions; and Maui HT (High Transmission) is the lens for when most lenses would be too dark.

The total weight of the frame and lenses is only 10 grams with minimised temple tip pads.The nose pads have better grip and less slip.
See the differenece and feel the difference of MauiPure LT

Maui Pure LT

Lens Features:
• MauiPure LT
• Bi-Gradient Mirror, Blue, Pink, or Green Mirrors
• MyMaui lens swaps only
• MyMaui Readers not available

Country of Origin: Japan
Not available in prescription

• PolarizedPlus2 lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, block 100% of harmful UV, and absorb harmful HEV (High energy visible wavelengths)
• MauiPure LT  as well as being the newest, thinnest, and the most lightweight lens material, has optics nearly as clear as SuperThin Glass, with exceptional impact and scratch resistance.
• Optically correct, distortion-free lenses feature patented lens treatments and rare earth elements. Colour and clarity are enhanced using natural light with full UV filtering for the eyes and surrounding skin.

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