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Generations of families learnt to see us.

Locally owned Optometrist and supporting the local community since 1984
Our team is qualified, experienced and caring, offering comprehensive eyecare.
Formerly, Optometrists
91 Carp  St Bega,
Princess Arcade  Merimbula,
Angelas Arcade Eden
Catering  for your  whole family  in Bega the administrative hub for the Sapphire Coast.
Any changes in your health can induce changes in your eyes or eye problems.

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Preserve eye health

Monitor signs of risks


Your eyes health
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Children's Vision

So important for learning


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Vision correction

Eye testing for the whole family

The right lens design

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Protecting your eyes

Sunglasses and safety goggles

The right lens

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Vision for all ages

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Vision for all ages

servicing Bega, Narooma, Merimbula, Eden, Tathra, Tura Beach, Bombala

Your first choice for your professional optometrist eye care.
Diagnose and manage: 
Optics of lenses.
Eye health,visual performance,assessment of ocular diseases, injuries and disorders.
Prescribing  spectacles, contact lenses and devices to maximise your sight  and to ensure your continued eye health. 
They can be the simplest single vision lenses or state of the art quality eyewear solutions for your face shape even special lighting for the quality and amount of light required. 

Periodic optometrist  examinations are an important part of preventive health care.We employ the latest technology such as digital retinal imaging and OCT scanning together with eyewear for all age ranges and budgets including means tested Vision Australia free glasses.

Peter D’Arcy Optometrist is registered with the Optometry Board of Australia as a primary health care provider and independent optometry practice conveniently located, opposite Coles and have onsite parking with disabled access.

Servicing Tathra, Tura, Bombala, Narooma, Merimbula, Eden

Experts in: the optics of lenses, eye health, visual performance and vision science.

Your first choice for your eye test, eyecare and eyewear.
No matter what your eye problems or sight loss.

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Local and independent. See Us ! See Better !

We optimise vision for all your eye conditions and ocular diseases,beyond choosing your frame styles and how your eyes focus the image.Assessing ,treating and referring where needed for  injuries and disorders across a wide range of patients eye care.
Where personalised lenses are preferred.

Don’t wait until your eyes deteriorate before having them checked-as symptoms and signs are not always obvious.
Conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, diabetes,tumours,Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease can have ocular signs and symptoms .
If required complicated  cases would be referred  to an  ophthalmologist  eg  if a surgical approach is to be considered eg cataracts
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What we do in your eye test and offer you

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Many ocular  problems have no obvious signs or symptoms or immediate sight loss.
Early optometrist diagnosis and treatment can help prevent visual loss such as in retinal detachment and age related macular degeneration and such eye tests can help with learning,sporting and life potential.
Dilating eye drops can be used to inspect structures such as the lens,retina, optic nerve and blood vessels from the front of the eye to the back.
Wearing  sunglasses can help with any resultant light sensitivity.


We also ensure that  your frames and eyewear chosen help you to look and see so its a cause for celebration every day. We are opticians,optical prescription spectacle makers and frame stylists as well. 

  • Your Provision Optometrist
  • Blurred sight, refractive error
  • Ophthalmologist referral and co-management as required
  • Glare sensitivity
  • Distortion or doubling in the affected eye
  • A feeling of looking through a veil or curtain
  • We monitor your ocular health eg for sight threatening loss from glaucoma,diabetic retinopathy .
  • contact lenses, sunglasses, prescription glasses,safety glasses

Is your central vision, peripheral vision,field of vision healthy ?

25% of Australians are at risk of losing all or part of this precious sense. Your  vision rating is just one measure of your comprehensive eye health information.

  • Each patient’s signs and symptoms, determines the specific  testing in your regular eye examination.
  • Eyes are tested generally every two years,more often  in cases of a medicated eye or if medical and surgical problems apply 
  • Visual function and ocular health eg depth perception, color vision,peripheral sight. 
  • Pupillary responses, Keratometry curvature of the cornea and its topographic mapping
  • Phoropter and auto refraction for the lenses  for the most comfortable visual acuity
  • Visual field testing and binocular vision testing can help  determine if your visual pathway is healthy .
  • Computerised visual field monitoring 
  • Dilated eye examination,ocular coherence tomography
  • Analysis of binocular vision.
slit lamp examination

Eye Health

Your health fund may assist for our no gap glasses and for  referral for medical conditions eg diabetes,stroke,brain tumour, high-blood pressure or thyroid problems which can result in variable sight or ocular involvement. 

Personal and family History is relevant eg when your ocular
or vision symptoms began, medications you are taking, and any work-related or environmental conditions that may be relevant. 

Just as the white of the eyes can indicate serious eye disease associated with underlying autoimmune disorders and the retinal structures are extensions  of the brain the eyes are often described as the windows to your health. So focusing the image through the coloured part of the eye is important for fine detail and to guard against vision loss. The smallest blood vessels measure only five micrometers, a strand of human hair 17 micrometers.Our instruments can measure to 3 micrometres.   

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Astigmatism causes different amounts of blur in different directions.
This causes images to appear distorted, or sometimes doubled due to curvature of the cornea and the lens.
​Certain letters may be more difficult to read than others. This is due to the orientation of the lines.

The most common surgical procedure in Australia is cataract removal which would not be as common if sunglasses were worn or safety spectacles in cases of ocular injury.

There are countless  conditions with serious consequences for eye disease that are not always apparent by noticing changes just in symptoms or solved by eye drops.

 The good news is that advances in technology can prevent such dire consequences  and good outcomes for life can be achieved.

In the past a spectacle prescription may be dispensed at say OPSM however we can do eye health exams and spectacle dispensing. 

We consider beyond the eyeballs.  Both hemispheres of the brain contain a visual cortex; the visual cortex in the left hemisphere receives signals from the right visual field, and the visual cortex in the right hemisphere receives signals from the left visual field.


Prism control glasses and eye muscle balance

 Assessment of accommodation, ocular motility and binocular status determines how well your eyes focus, move and work together. 
Should the eyes  turn away from correct alignment double vision or eyestrain  can result. 
dispersed light through prism

These behavioural optometry tests  will look for problems that keep your eyes from focusing effectively or make using both eyes together difficult eg due to variable double vision.  

The focusing of light as it enters the eye depends upon the size of the pupil and how  the ciliary muscles contract or release to change the lens shape and curvature.


In cases of some squints you may not develop double vision because the brain can suppress the signal  from one eye.

Prism incorporated into lenses may be prescribed  to create better muscle balance in the eyes  so the brain adjusts to how the two eyes work together for more comfortable binocular status.