How to measure Dry Eyes?

measuring dry eyes

What is tear osmolarity ? How can it be measured and improved ?

A low osmolarity eye drop is best. Eg Blink Intensive tears, Hylo Fresh, Hylo Forte. Data suggests improvements in osmolarity take 2-8 weeks. (hypo-osmolar drops 4-6 times a day) , Pred Sol minims qid  aiming to reduce evaporation by improving the lipid layer.  Dry eye is very common but can be complicated by many factors. Specific tests eg for Lactoferrin have been developed. Lactoferrin is a a mucus-specific anti-inflammatory,antiviral, antibacterial iron-binding glycoprotein that is vital to tear production. By binding iron, lactoferrin prevents the pathogen from obtaining sufficient iron, which it relies upon for growth.

dry eye care


For Evaporative Dry Eye
& Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

• Preservative and phosphate free
For severe or chronic dry eye For mild or moderate dry eye
• Preservative, phosphate, and water free

• No stinging, blurring, or burning

• 6 months use after opening

• Clinically validated with significant improvements in signs and symptoms with Evaporative Dry Eye Disease and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction patients.


Night time protection for dry eye
Preservative and phosphate free
• A smooth, preservative-free eye ointment containing vitamin A for all types of dry eye

• More than 300 individual applications 6months use after opening

For severe and chronic dry eye

• Preservative -free and phosphate -free

• Can be used for 6 months after opening

• Compatible with all types of contact lenses.

For mild or moderate dry eye

• At least 300 measured drops per pack, or 150 treatments (both eyes)
• Delivered through the unique COMOD valve
multi-dose application system.

Blinking Exercises

For computer users and during reading tasks it is wise after every 20 minutes, look 20 ‘feet’ away for 20 seconds and perform 20 blinks.

eye drops and dry eyes

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