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Millions of  Australians actively participate in some form of craft. Most of these people would benefit from a hands-free magnifier. We can help with the most useful solution. 

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Eschenbach’s Mobilux LED 3.5X (model 15113) is the most sold magnifier in Australia has base and can be  used either horizontally or vertically. 

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A  digital magnifier  high definition screen allows more flexible  working distances that suits each individual .compared with optical magnifiers set distances. 

Featuring large tactile buttons with magnification ranges from 1.7x to 12x, true colour and contrast enhancement modes. 
We can help with simple and specialised optical and digital magnification,portable, hands free occupational and hobby magnifiers.
New digital magnifiers  with seamless zoom from 2-22X, allows for line scrolling,speech assistance and the ability to write underneath and allowing to be connected to a monitor via HDMI for greater magnification (12-125x on a 1016mm TV).  

We  can find the right visual aid for sewing,craft indeed any occupational or hobby requirment from simple to closed circiut TV systems,Orcam systems. 
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Eschenbach low vision products

For the hobbyist  Daylight LED magnifiers can be invaluable as are compact telescope and binoculars for viewing afar.
Electronic and CCTV systems enable large screens , numerous contrast options, dynamic line scrolling

Digital magnifiers cater for so many different tasks requiring magnification.

They allow  a comfortable working distance, improved contrast due to digital enhancement, high magnification and good field of view.
We have loan units available for you to trial

Smartlux is a 5 inch digital magnifier with magnification from 1.7x to 12x and has contrast enhancement.
Mobilux Digital Touch HD has a 4.3 inch screen with an easy to use handle, and features a touchscreen, contrast enhancement and can be connected to a PC for enlarged viewing.

Visolux Digital HD has a 7 inch high definition LCD screen with multiple contrast options, dynamic line scrolling,2-22x magnification, and can be connected to a TV for even higher magnification.

Visolux Digital XL FHD has a large 12 inch touchscreen yet weighs less than 1 kg, it has vertical and horizontal dynamic line scrolling, and can be operated via ergonomic keys or by the touchscreen. In addition, the camera can be moved to allow writing underneath the device.

The new extremely portable Vision 4×18 and 6×18 binoculars can be used as normal binoculars giving 4x or 6x magnification. Their wide field of view also makes them ideal for theatre, opera or to aid with macular visual issues. They also allow near focus to just 50cm so this very close near point enables them to also be used for near visual tasks as well as the usual distance tasks.

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Telescopes, Bioptics for driving

Driving with Bioptics
Bioptic telescopes can help eligible visually impaired individuals sometimes obtain a driver’s license and be safer drivers.

 The bioptic telescope allows them to see the target sooner, giving the driver more time to react. In practice, the telescope increases the individual’s ability to see further forward by a factor of the power of the device. For example, a 3x telescope will allow the user to see a sign at 18 metres  through their bioptic, while they would only be able to see it at 6 meters  feet with their normal vision- 3 times further away.

Drivers using bioptics  normally see through their regular glassses but utilise the telescope function for short periods of time in a similar fashion to using  rear and sideview mirrors.

qalilean telescope

Galilean telescopes  are smaller and lightweight offering about 5 degrees  of field at 4x. Normally 1.7x and 2.2x are used

keplerarian telescope

Keplerarian telescopes are longer and heavier offering about 12 degrees of filed at 4x. Normally 3x,4x,5x and 6x are used

The Ocutech VES Falcon Bioptic Telescope is the world’s only autofocusing bioptic for the visually impaired.   ​

ocutech falcon
  • 4x, 12.5 degree Keplerian optics  
  •  Focuses from 13” to infinity  
  •  Weighs just 3.2 ounces (90 grams)  
  •  Interchangeable for right or left eye  
  •  Simple eyepiece focusing for  prescriptions to +/-8D  
  • Operates 8 hours using it’s separate rechargeablebattery 
  • Natural hands-free magnified vision
  • Enables user for improved engagement at work or social settings and for personal tasks

Esight for legally blind

A wearable electronic aid that assists the legally blind to actually see  in a bioptic manner,not drive though.Most other devices using VR/AR headsets completely immerse the wearer in that view, at the expense of  peripheral awareness and  mobility.Esight is actually trying to improve the vision of people with some remaining vision from about 6/24 to 6/180 even to 6/240.The Seeing AI app  attempts to read  out text and  describe scenes ie  by pointing  a suitable  smart phone to enable  descriptions .
Electronic mobility aids: Orientation devices:  Act  by sending out ultrasonic beams and  providing  vibratory or auditory feedback to the user when it detects an obstacle. GPS devices:  Global Positioning System (GPS) with  software can be operated through an accessible mobile phone (with speech software) or can be incorporated into a white cane.

World Braille Day 3 January is celebrated every year on Louis Braille’s birthday, the inventor of braille. 
Australian $5, $10 and $50 notes now have a tactile feature to help meet the needs of the vision impaired community. 

The Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) Australia provides services to Australians who have a severe vision impairment.
The UK Royal National Institute of Blind People is the UK equivalent and has been establised since 1868. ​

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